How to Change the Color of your Mobile Address Bar in WordPress Website?

How to Change the Color of your Mobile phone Address Bar in WordPress Website to meet your fashion/business.

Yes you are right guys you change your mobile browser color from your wordpress website, that matches to your fashion/business color. It also looks great and beautiful, you also can say that it looks professional.

This is very easy to adjust your desired/wished color to mobile browser address bar. What you’ll need just to add the following code to your theme header file before </head>.

<meta name=”theme-color” content=”#FC5F1A” />


In the content=”#FC5F1A” area you can pick your desired color from Adobe Photoshop if you have installed it..! Just follow the screenshot..

If you didn’t install Adobe Photoshop in your system you also can pick color from third party website, like Color Picker .

Or if you have an image and you want to pick color from that image from specific area then you’ve to check Image Color Picker just upload your image and click on the area you want to get the color. Copy the color’s code and put that in your Theme Header.php file, same as I did in the picture bellow.

Then find header.php file in your theme’s files, click on header.php, and then put your code same as I did in the picture bellow.


I hope this article helped you very much and after the result you got I’m sure you’ll share my this article with your friends.

Good Luck!

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