How To Create Your Own Freelancer, Fiverr Like Website

How to create your own Online Marketplace?

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Do you really need a website like Freelancer, and fiverr? If yes so you’re in the right place to get your freelancer Or Fiverr like platform.

If you know complex coding of different languages like HTML, PHP, and JAVA etc then you don’t need to read it. If you don’t know these languages then this is perfect for your need.

You’ll need some stuff for your new Online Marketplace website, like Domain Plus Hosting, SSL Certificate and Payment Method. You already will know that for a website needed a Domain and Hosting to be live. SSL certificate is also recommended for you and important for an Online Marketplace. I’ll don’t take your long time for creating your Online Marketplace. So let’s start it..!

Here for Online Marketplace I recommended some stuff for you.

If you’re absolutely new to wordpress then you can read my other blog about how to create your wordpress website, I’m sure you’ll be able to create your wordpress website after reading this blog. After finishing all of these steps, buying Domain Hosting, SSL Certificate, and Micro Job Marketplace WordPress Theme you done it!

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