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Softonic clone Scripts Software downloading directory platform

Softonic clone Scripts Software downloading directory platform

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Hello guys! In this short but meaningful article/blog I’ll teach you, that how you can create your own Stunning Templates Designing in Photoshop.

If you wish to promote your business or ideas to the targeted customers, then you need to gain customer’s attention towards your website or email templates. By the way you also can use pencil to draw a sketch on a blank paper, but that can’t showcase the final layout like Photoshop made design. That’s why Photoshop playing very important role in designing.

How I can start designing in Photoshop?

Its very easy to start your own Templates designing in Photoshop. First of all you have to be installed Photoshop(latest version if possible otherwise no problem). Second thing is you just have to start designing a Template as shown step by step bellow.

Beginning of Tutorial

After the installation of Photoshop in your system (pc/mac). Now its the time to start creating your email template.

Note: The purpose of this tutorial is just to teach you, that how you’ll be able to create your own website or email templates in photoshop very easily.F

Let start it

Step 1: Create new page with the required sizes as bellow in the figure 1.0

Figure 1.0

Step 2: Your new page should look like this.

Figure 2.0

Step 3: Pick the Rounded Rectangle tool (U), and click and drag a bit then on the left side you should see a panel, where you have to add the following dimensions. as in in the figure 3.0

Figure 3.0

Step 4: Add the title for your template, and add some required social icons as in the figure 4.0

Figure 4.0

Step 5: After adding the title and some important social icons, add the meaningful and recognizable full width image. As in the figure 5.0

Figure 5.0

Step 6: If from the beginning we don’t know that how much height for the template is perfect, we just have to select any size, and afterward if we’ll need to extend the size that is easy to manage in photoshop. Do the same as in figure 6.0 & figure 6.1

Figure 6.0

Figure 6.1

Step 7: Your template page will extend as shown in figure 7.0

Figure 7.0

Step 8: In this step we’ll add a small and centered profile picture or product image, which will describe our template very well. As show in the figure 8.0

Figure 8.0

Step 9: Our header is approximately completed and now its the time to add some products to our template. As you know this is just the tutorial and we are creating demo template, so I just copied one product image three time. As shown in the figure 9.0

Figure 9.0

Step 10: In this last step we’ll add our business/company name, and a small button on the top of our template. Which will guide the customers if he is interested or want to know more about the product, he can see the product page live. As shown in the figure 10.0

Figure 10.0

Here is the final view of our designing

Final result

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