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A Visit to Swat Pakistan

A Visit to Swat Pakistan

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The most beautiful place on the earth is swat in Pakistan. For the last few years there were some security problems, but that problem has now been eradicated, and swat is again ready for Tourism.

A Visit to Swat

If you planning to spend your vacation outside. Then swat is the best choice for you. Why I should visit swat?

Shortly, for its natural beauty and lush green hills. Yes swat is very beautiful, and specially its mountains, rivers, and beautiful scenes of waterfall, even its every scene is eye catchy memorable. (I highly recommend you to VISIT SWAT). There are many beautiful scenery in Swat. Which is best for tourism.

Where I’ll stay there in SWAT?

Its very easy to get the best and affordable hotel for your accommodation/stay. There are lots of places for your rest, we will recommend some of them to you.

Serena hotel swat



There are lots of beautiful Hotels in SWAT, you can find that according your visit.

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