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Social Media Website In Pakistan – PTI SOCIAL


Yes today I’ll talk about Social Website, and That is Pakistani. If you will think for a while that how many social websites are available in the word? I’m not sure you’ll find the exact figure because each single day a new website is generating. PTI SOCIAL is also a social website in Pakistan, which is generated in 2018 and might it will be future social website for Pakistan and for world as well.

If we will talk about social website features, so PTI SOCIAL website have all of those features which is necessary e.g,

  • User friendly Url (
  • Feeds system
  • Creating new contacts
  • Follow unfollow users
  • Creating pages
  • Creating groups
  • Creating Polls
  • Sending and receiving friend request
  • Instant messaging is a unique features
  • User friendly and easy to manage

Not just these registered user also can write articles. Writing articles are an excellent point, because PTI SOCIAL is well SEO (search engine optimized) and your article will be in every search engine very quickly.

Inshort if you’ll visit and join it I’m sure you should appreciate it and will accept PTI SOCIAL as your model social website.

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