Why minimum version in creating new project?

I heard lots of time that select minimum version of android SDK (Software Development Kit). But I’m not sure what to do and this is why?



It means that you are targeting mobile phones that are using older version of android versions (SDK). Yes its right that you have to select the minimum version of SDK during creating new project in android studio. It means that your app will be able to work properly on older version of android version of phone.

For example if you created an app with SDK version of 28th which is the current version of android SDK, and very less android phones are running under 28th version of android SDK version. Other side if you’ll use 14th or 15th version for your app, then your app will fully compatible with all newer version and older as well (not older than 14th or 15th).


I’m sure you cleared now. If still not We’ll appreciate your question.

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